Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 247 – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (So Stay Home and Play!)

Where I live here in the middle of the United States, the temps have rarely crawled above zero lately, and the snow won’t stop falling. I like snow, but why does it have to be so cold? Why can’t it snow in the fall or spring? Check that, I’m being told science doesn’t work that way. Oh, well.

Since it’s too cold to take my old bones outside, I’ll just stay inside and binge watch murder shows and play video games like everyone else. I think it’s the first rule of the Official Pandemic Playbook, actually. It turns out the world is ending one episode at a time. At least Netflix just released a new serial killer documentary.

Hanna Ellis

I know what I’d like to play. But unfortunately, my PlayStation has thrown a tantrum and decided to throw me out of every game before I even get to the splash screen. I’m hoping it’s not terminal, though it’s had a few hiccups in the last few weeks so I’m not very hopeful. I might have to try and save my save data and initialise…gulp!

Chris Harding

A weekend of rest is in order, so only half of my waking hours will be spent stressing at the desk… I’ve got the brilliantly fun Speed Limit on the to-do list this weekend, and a few other reviews that I need to catch up on, so be on the lookout for a few videos and written pieces over the weekend!

Stuart McLean

It’s a slightly retro weekend for me – having nabbed Saints Row 4 for a steal in a PSN sale ages ago and never playing it, my coop buddy has finally managed to download it too, so it’s a weekend spent in Stillwater on the cards for me. There was a joke here but our editor spoiled it.

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Yasmine Hubbard

Earlier this week, Rouge Company lured me back into its dark web, and I’m sure I’ll probably revisit it before the week is at an end. Even though, I expect at some point I’ll return to playing Team Sonic Racing. The game mechanics are a bit strange, but it has been keeping me entertained for the most part. Hopefully, by next week, I will decide if the game has a thumbs up or down from me.

Max Everett

The gaming forecast over here involves a tropical storm, a few velociraptors and a genetically modified hybrid should I get any time this weekend. Hopefully I can make a better go of it than John Hammond in Jurassic World: Evolution, and maybe, just maybe, finally get my platinum.

Jeremy Peterson

I have been having a blast Skiing and Snowboarding in Powder VR so I’ll definitely jump back into that at some point this weekend. I’ll be doing a review of that in the next couple of days so check that out if you fancy such things. I have also downloaded several new demos and early access games on the Quest that I can’t wait to jump into soon. A co-op survival game on a raft, a guitar hero clone on the drums, and a brand new racer all await me.

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