Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 248

Well, this weekend, in the UK, we’ve got some blustering forces racing our way, and I am not just referring to the weather (even though with the bizarre extremes that the elements have been hurling our way lately, it could just as well be).

The open beta for Guilty Gear -Strive- is forecast to hit the coast with possible showers of savage beat downs and a high probability of fast lightning strikes thundering ahead. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Guilty Gear franchise, it’s an anime-inspired fighting game jam-packed with awesome blazing sword action, fantastic character designs, incredible combos, and an epic soundtrack to boot.

If you feel like battening down the hatches and forgetting about the outside world like I often do, the open beta for Guilty Gear -Strive- is now available for PS5 and PS4 this weekend. The game itself will be around 5GB, so it will not take long to download and jump straight into the blistering hot action.

Now in unrelated weather news, let’s see what the team are up to in their bunkers this storming weekend.

Chris Harding 

I’ve got a weekend full of fun planned ahead. I’ve got Yupitergrad to work through on PSVR, but you can read and watch the preview here. I’ve also got Pumpkin Jack to finish off, as well as a few other odds and ends when it comes to videos. I’m determined to get inside the Quest again at some point so Jeremy and myself can play at being castaways in Oceancraft. We’ll see. We’re flakier than an eczema elbow… And finally, I want to give the new Mario game a go on the Switch, providing I can get any time with the console. It all depends on what Lord Charlie Harding says I can and can not use.

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Stuart McLean 

My week has been spent exploring the treasure trove that is Xbox Gamepass, splitting my time between Ori and the Blind Forest and Rage 2,  and my weekend looks like more of the same. When I have been warming up the PS5 it is to continue the trophy hunt playing coop in Saints Row 4, and I may even have a dabble at the current Double Discount sale on PSN.

Hannah Ellis 

This weekend I will continue to get stabbed in the back thanks to Speed Limit, which also has me feeling very uncomfortable thanks to the non socially distant passengers. But in addition to this killer commute, I’m also going to be settling into my new beach farm in Stardew Valley – because I’ve never been a fan of sprinklers.

Max Everett 

With a move to a new home imminent, console gaming will not be on the agenda this weekend. That being said, I have been enjoying evening plays of Among Us as of late, so I expect that will be continuing.

Justin McKay 

Half term week is finally over, so no more Fortnite during the day or YouTube streams of Among Us. The reward? Boot up the PS5 and look and what’s not yet available, so it’ll be the Switch this weekend and Scott Pilgrim, as I missed it the first time around. [Welcome back, Justin! – Ed]

Yasmine Hubbard

I still haven’t booted up Destruction AllStars on my PS5, and the game looks interesting, so I’m looking forward to giving that a go at one point. Other than that, I may play a few more games of Rogue Company. I’m slowly but surely getting better, even though I’m sure my friend I play with would disagree.

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