Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 249 – The Goodbye February One

This weekend will see us popping the trophy for two months down in 2021. But with a few more of those accolades to go before the fun can really start (again), I’m not sure if that’s an achievement we’ll be celebrating. Still, it’s a weekend free for gaming – so who cares!?!

February isn’t a friend to anybody. It’s a month that steals three days off of us all and doesn’t give us anything back in return – no chocolate eggs, no reverse burglary from a man in a red suit and definitely no excuse to rub our makeup off to scare the neighbours for all the candy they’ve got. With that in mind, I guess it’s good news that we’re leaving this sorry month behind and are marching into…well, March. The month that gives us an excuse to drink thanks to St Paddy, a reason to read sonnets with World Poetry Day and encouragment to stay at home on Truant’s Day. Although, it’s been a bit like Truant’s Year, hasn’t it?

The only thing it has going against it is the Friday the Thirteenth that falls within its bounds. But nothing’s perfect, right?

Anyway, fancy sharing with us your plans for the weekend as we are about to do with you? There’s no pressure, but we are really nosey interested 🙂

Stuart McLean

I’ve set myself the task of mastering the levels in Hitman 3, and I’ve started by revisiting Hitman 1 and I’m enjoying the challenge. If I’m not doing that I’ll be exploring Shadow of the Tomb Raider again, all the while crossing my fingers and toes that FFVII: Remake is one of the PS Plus Games for March to save me having to buy it again to get the PS5 upgrade – I should have had the foresight to go digital-only years ago, before buying a digital only console!

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Chris Harding

It’s going to be a VR weekend for me. I’ve got a couple of new Oculus Quest games to play – Hyper Dash and Crashland VR – so I’ll be prancing around my living room like a prat. Aside from sweating in VR, I’ve got a lot of work to catch up, so I’ll be spending some time at the desk with my nose against the screen..

Yasmine Hubbard

I briefly mentioned to my sister earlier this week that I’ve never played any of the Neptunia games. She then processed stacking what appeared to be every game from the franchise in front of me. I think inadvertently my weekend plans have been decided for me. In-between getting a history lesson, I may sneakily play a bit of Sonic Mania. Why is getting the Chaos Emeralds in this game so damn hard?

Justin McKay

Proving to myself that I can’t cheese Nioh 2, no matter how many builds I go through. #44: the Ninja. I’ll also try Destruction AllStars as there’s one month left, and despite downloading it last month, haven’t given it a go yet.

Max Everett

With my consoles in boxes, I am restricted to a gaming diet on my phone. This isn’t all bad, I might see what Project X Cloud is like on my phone and failing that, Candy Crush is super addictive and fun.

Hannah Ellis

I will be tackling a couple of math assignments this weekend. But as the PlayStation is still giving Death the run around, I’m sure something digitally entertaining will grace my screen at some point. And I think there’s a high chance that game will be Dangaronpa!

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