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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 25

The weekend is upon us and that means everyone at Pure PlayStation will be clocking off for the weekend, going home, getting their slippers on, and playing some games. Well, almost everyone, some of us are still working on reviews for the weekend, but you get the picture.

If this is your first edition of Pure PlayStation Plays, we’ll explain what it is: Everyone at Pure PlayStation writes their weekend gaming plans, then you join in down in the comments. You can mock us for playing daft JRPGs, call us noobs, challenge us to multiplayer battles, or just let us know what you’re playing over the weekend and maybe give us some recommendations. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Chris Harding

I’ve spent most of my time playing PlayStation VR games over the last week or so, so I’m looking forward to trying out some non-VR games, though it’s tough going back to regular gaming. I’ve got a date with the Mrs to play through her favourite chapters of LEGO Harry Potter Collection, and then I’m going to do my absolute best to win a game of FIFA 17 online. Yes, I’m a pro against the computer, but I’m a wet flannel against real people.

Kyle Durant

I’ve decided to purchase Battlefield 1. The question of doing so was never in question but when. The PS VR has so many great launch experiences that I won’t touch upon one of my favorite shooters as much as I would have normally. As such I’ll also be partaking in RIGS: Mechanized Combat League and perchance Thumper, Rez Infinite, and Driveclub VR.

Jason Frye

I hope to be jumping back into Rise of the Tomb Raider a little this weekend. So far, the year wait has been worth it. It has that OCD find-one-more-thingness that I can sometimes spend forever trying to find another item to shed a little more light on the story or get that little bit of experience. Other than that, I will hope that the internet for PlayStation services (all the others too, I guess) comes back up soon.

Dom O’Leary

This weekend I might finally get around to trying out Transformers Devastation, after picking it up from this month’s PS Plus. Also, I’m still cautiously working my way through resident evil’s original haunted mansion, given that it’s been more than a decade since I played the original (and the fact that this version is totally different to that one) it still manages to surprise and terrify me. Getting myself all Halloweeny and that.

Brian Milch

Big Milch is getting a PS4 slim without spending a dime this weekend. How? Well, if you have a replacement plan at GameStop for your PS4 original, and for whatever reason it doesn’t work, since the fat PS4s are gone, all they can do is give you the $299 SKU model…enter PS4 slim…and you are welcome. So I will be spending the weekend reinstalling my PS4 backup and then going to try to finish DOOM.

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