Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 251

Another week ticked off on the calendar, and we’re another week closer to Christmas. Hey, you might laugh, but it’ll be here before you know it…

The weekend has once again rolled around and… we’re late putting this out. Actually, I’m late putting this out. I fell asleep on the couch watching Titanic. It’s how I spend most of my Friday nights… Anyway, here’s what we’re up to this weekend.

Chris Harding

I’m taking the weekend off. I’m positive that I’ve buggered up my nerves by hunching over my desk for hours on end, so I’m taking a well-deserved break this weekend. This means I’m going to be slouching on the couch… working on games for review. So, yeah, not really a weekend off, but at least I’ll be spending minimal time at the computer!

I’ve got Pine on the go as well as the creepy-yet-awesome In Rays of the Light to get through before Monday comes a-knockin’. And, as the PSVR broke and we bought another one (and it’s a V2!) I’ve downloaded a bunch of PSVR games to play whenever I’m allowed to have the headset. In other words, when Charlie is asleep…

Stuart McLean

Tonight it’s Marvel’s Avengers as I suck it up and try to level Hulk to 50 before next weeks update makes it even harder to hit that milestone. SquareEnix has already taken enough flack for that silliness (where’s the endgame content?!) but the completionist in me wouldn’t let it lie before the PS5/Hawkeye update next week. When I’m not smashing up the place as Hulk, I’ll be playing a game for review that’s not only pretty fun but an absolute trophy gold mine, so it’s keeping my dopamine pinging like a little rat in a cage.

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Hannah Ellis

Call me sentimental (or even just mental) but I’ve dusted off the Wii U. And, do you know what? I still think it’s the most underrated console ever. The screen-pad thingymajig may have paved the way to the Switch, but I still think it feels better in the hand then the latter. Plus, it’s got a hearty selection of games that play very well indeed. So far, FIFA 13 is keeping me entertained – and Zombi U is next!

Max Everett

Having grown tired of playing mobile games in the absence of my PS4, I managed to dig out my 3DS for some Pokemon action.  I doubt I’ll catch em all but I’ll sure give it a good go.

Yasmine Hubbard

I’ve got another review on the go that I’m hoping to finish off by the end of the week. In between shifts of playing and writing the review, I may pop back into Overwatch. I haven’t touched the game in months, but the new Pachimari challenge event has some cool looking skins on offer. I’m such a sucker for good cosmetic skin…

And that’s what we’re doing this weekend. What about you? Hit us up on Twitter @PurePlayStation and share your gaming plans!

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