Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 252

The weekend has arrived and once again we’re all being a bunch of lazy bastards, lounging around on our arses playing games and eating crap food. Well, some of us. I’m on the exercise bike this weekend because my arse has gotten a little too fat… Here’s what we’re doing this weekend.

Chris Harding

As I’ve just said – my weekend will see me sweating my little nips off as I work up a sweat on the exercise bike. Too much time working at the desk has added a few inches to the waistline, unfortunately, and I need to shift some of the extra chub before Summer 2022 comes around and we can finally go to the beach.

I’ll mix up my workout with some BoxVR and Eleven Table Tennis VR on the Quest, as well as some easy stretches. Remember: stretching is important! And of course, a few games of FIFA is always good for getting the heart pumping in anger as the idiot referee awards another stupid penalty to another prick playing as PSG. Good time ahead.

I’ll still fasten myself to the desk for a bit of work, but it’s mostly fun, fun, fun this weekend.

Yasmine Hubbard

I’ll be spending the rest of the week catching up on some odd nick-nacks. However, if I finish in a timely order, I may treat myself to purchasing Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse. I’m hoping the game will be just as good as I remember it being. Even though it has been many years since I’ve touched the game on the OG Xbox.

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Stuart McLean

I have a few things on the back burner at the minute that do need my attention, so if I do manage to grab any time gaming I’ve plenty to keep me occupied – Avengers has been updated to include Hawkeye, but more importantly run better on the PS5 so I intend to give that a good go providing my usual squad are about to provide support, and if not I might run a few more missions on Hitman to try and nab Mastery level on the last few contracts. Whatever I manage to do it’s a busy one ahead, and I also plan to catch up on some sleep with the little time I have left!

Hannah Ellis

I’ve succumbed to MLB The Show, albeit the 19 version. So, I will be playing “American cricket” this weekend. I realised I was a little light on sports games on the console, hence my diversion on to the field. But I’m actually really looking forward to learning about the game – as I actually know nothing about baseball! Mad, right?

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