Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 253

After a busy week, we all want to enjoy a well-deserved break. Unfortunately, as our usual break activities are still on hiatus, we’ll have to retreat to our virtual getaways for now. I’ll be painting the village red by strolling into a few Skyrim taverns with a ginger beer in-hand. If the night really gets wild, a sword and a couple of magic spells might come out. Let us know what you’re planning on doing this weekend!

Stuart McLean

Between a couple of reviews that have a deadline fast approaching, I’ll be trying to roll credits on a few games cluttering up my Home Screen. First on the hit list is Rise of the Tomb Raider, completed years ago on X-Box but not touched on the beloved PlayStation, so when I was able to pick it up for free on PSN a few months back I thought why not. If raiding tombs isn’t scratching the itch, I’ll get back to trying to hit mastery on a few more missions in Hitman 3.

Max Everett

I continue to be boring and without playthings this weekend. If I do happen to play anything, it will more than likely be a spot of PES Club Manager or Football Manager Touch. Given the disappointment my real football team leaves me, perhaps my virtual team can fill the void.

Chris Harding

I’ve got some catching up to do with some reviews on the Switch (heathen!) and some work to do on videos. But, I’m sick as a dog – shake me and you’ll hear the pills rattling around! It’s going to be a weekend on the couch with whatever co-op games Charlie wants to play, and maybe, just maybe some more Spacebase Startopia once I’ve got the main TV to myself.

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Jeremy Peterson

Lately, it’s been all about reviews and this weekend won’t be much different as I have one VR and one PS5 review underway. If I play anything for fun, it will probably be some Contractors VR. It’s been a while so I’ll probably get my ass handed to me but I’m getting used to it.

Hannah Ellis

With the Formula One season restarting, I will be hoping for more competition on the track (and a new world champion for a change). But I’ve also become quite addicted to the NBA 2K series and their very high scoring games – compared to football where nil nil is actually a thing – so I’m traveling back to the 2017 season and enjoying that year’s release; hey, for 99p I’m not complaining.

Yasmine Hubbard

I’ve had a hectic week so far, and the madness won’t stop. I’ll be working on a review for Paradise Lost, and for now, let’s say the game is interesting. Along with a few miscellaneous jobs in my daily life – safe to say, I won’t be bored this weekend.

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