Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 254 – Easter Edition

Easter weekend means many things to many people. Though to be fair, I suppose it means next to nothing for a good few as well. No matter your thoughts on the holiday weekend, hopefully, we can all agree it’s a good weekend to play some video games. No, we can’t agree on that either? Fine, whatever.

Jeremy Peterson

The wife is out of town for the weekend, which is cool because I can get caught up on some games for review, and a few for fun. Including one of my favorites of the year Unto The End, which has added an option to slow down enemy combat. It’s no longer a soul-crushing death simulator for this old man, so I think I’ll work on that. But when I’m not nerding out in front of the TV, I’ll be in the backyard building a giant pergola, which is an admittedly strange addition to my house considering I don’t care much for the outdoors.

Yasmine Hubbard

April is now upon us, and I’m hoping this month will be far less busy than the prior (or the beginning part of the month anyways…). I’m intending to catch up on some well-deserved sleep, but I may begin playing Outriders afterward. I enjoyed playing the demo a few weeks ago, so I’m hoping the main game won’t disappoint either.

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Stuart Mclean

With a game to review and Disco Elysium ready to go, that’s my weekend sorted in between resting up for the long weekend. I’m still trying to hit mastery level on Hitman 1 – 3, and so far I’m still enjoying the sandbox playground each level provides. How much of the above I’ll get through in between drinking and celebrating the birthday of the Easter Bunny I don’t really know, but that’s my current plans.

Chris Harding

I’m spending the weekend catching up on work, which means not much time for playing games, sadly. If I do get some spare time, it’ll be spent working on review games. What they are, I can not say. Not because I’m being forced to keep zipped by NDAs, but because I can not remember… You’ll see soon though, once the reviews go live!

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