Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 255 – The One After Easter

It’s the weekend after the one filled with chocolate. And the results are evident. Luckily, I didn’t go out with a chocolate moustache (this time), but that’s not the only tell-tale sign of a sugar infused retreat. Still, at least it only happens once a year…

There’s a lot to be said for Easter eggs in video games. For starters, if I had gorged on those last weekend, I wouldn’t have needed to undo by belt by a notch or two. Then there’s the enjoyment they bring, rather than just the burden of guilt. Not to mention, no mountain of cardboard and tin foil wrappers. But then again, the digital versions require a bit of ‘legwork’ to discover (albeit, on the character’s part) and an actual encyclopaedic knowledge of what they’re referring to. And, as a result, they usually pass me by, so it’s swings and roundabouts really.

Still, having not learned from past mistakes, I will be indulging in a few whisky truffles over the coming days whilst trying to remember which button is circle, square, triangle and cross. Something that isn’t too different to my usual gaming sessions but has a welcome excuse this time. Whilst I’m nursing a chocolate hangover, though, why not share with me your plans for the weekend – it might even prove comforting!

Here are ours for inspiration:

Max Everett

I remain in the realm of the boring for the time being with no console comfort. My life isn’t a complete drag, however, since this weekend is WrestleMania, so I can get my fake fighting fix.

Stuart McLean

My battle continues to Master all levels in the Hitman trilogy, and with the Hitman 2 expansion pass on sale, I’ve now added two more levels to that list. Alongside that I’ve been playing a lot of Subnautica, which I’m slowly making a dent in after swimming around aimlessly for what felt like hours – I’m finally starting to make progress, and the slow build up keeps sucking me back in.

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Yasmine Hubbard

It’s been a while since I’ve played any PSVR games, so it might be time to motivate myself in setting up the VR headset. I really want to jump into Moss and Paper Beast that is currently free through the Play At Home initiative. Now, where did I place my PS camera?

Chris Harding

After a week of doing almost nothing, I’m ready to start my working week on a Friday night! I’ve got lots of work to catch up on, including some great games that the team have recently reviewed. Stay tuned for them. And catch me in What the Dub?! for my breaks!

Jeremy Peterson

My current – and completely unexpected – gaming obsession is FANTASIAN on Apple Arcade. It probably won’t last, but right now it’s giving me all those nostalgic feels that the FF7 Remake failed to provide. However, that adventure will need to take a backseat for now as I dive into Swarm on the Oculus Quest. Swarm is a grappling/shooter that has me spinning around my living room like a lunatic. Check for that review over at Pure Play VR in the next few days.

Hannah Ellis

I have a weekend full of assignments ahead, and then the dreaded revision to come. But I will be making a few quarters free for a game of hockey, American football or basketball as my US sport affliction continues. I particularly like how in the bouncing ball game time limits keep the pace up – not like those football matches that see less of the opposition’s goal than we’ve seen freedom this year…

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