Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 256

Another week is in the books and in this day and age, that is no small feat… so congratulations! My suggestion: forget about work, or school, or whatever is requiring your subservience for at least a few hours this weekend and dive into something fun. Remember, life doesn’t always play fair, but that’s okay because I don’t either.

So what are you playing this weekend? Is it a brand new release or a deep cut from your backlog? Check out what we’re up to below and then tell spill the beans on your weekend gaming adventures.

Chris Harding

It’s another weekend of catching up on the workload so that means games take a backseat. When I do get some playtime, I’ll be giving ALVO a go on PSVR for review duties, hopefully alongside Jeremy so we can die in each others’ arms as the Day One Daddies mop the floor with us.

Max Everett

Following the reopening of non-essential stores in the UK, I secured myself a Neo Geo Classic Mini on Clearance at GAME. Usually, the novelty would wear off rather quickly and I’d put it back on a shelf to look pretty. But since my consoles remain in boxes ahead of a move coupled with the sad truth that Candy Crush can prove mundane if binged, I will be making the most of my tiny little box of nostalgia.

Stuart McLean

I’ve made a mid-year resolution that I need to complete a few games on my home screen before installing any more new ones, even though storage isn’t an issue now thanks to the recent update. First on the list is to finally roll credits on AC: Valhalla before making my way onto Disco Elysium, the aim being to have at least one done and dusted before Returnal or the Mass Effect Trilogy see the light of day.

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Hannah Ellis

After playing a lot of sports in recent weeks, digital that is, I’m craving something a little more substantial. So, I will be getting back on the horse with Red Dead Redemption 2. But Skyrim on the Switch is also demanding my attention – let’s just hope I don’t get the two mixed up; a cowboy hat isn’t very “sci-fi”, is it?

Yasmine Hubbard

More PSVR antics are on the agenda. Astro Bot Rescue Mission is on the hit list, as I thoroughly enjoyed playing it several years back. It might even be time to get that lucrative platinum trophy. I’m also tempted to try out One Piece: Grand Cruise, I don’t know much about it, but it can’t be worse than One Piece World Seeker…right?

Jeremy Peterson

I probably watched the trailer for the PSVR shooter ALVO 50 times back in 2017, and it didn’t even have any actual gameplay. But the next few years of silence spoke loud and clear and I assumed that the game was never going to happen. But surprise, surprise, here it is. The 2017 version of me would be ashamed to know that I would probably prefer the Quest version of the game, but I can’t turn down a reason to charge up my Aim controller.

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