Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 258

Another wonderful week has been written to the history books. Before we write the next chapter, we need to take the weekend off, charge our batteries, and get some gaming done. Here’s what we’re doing this weekend.

Chris Harding

I’m on a serious binge with the PS Vita right now and it’s taking me back to simpler times. Buring myself away in a corner with the likes of Assassin’s Creed Liberation, Killzone: Mercenary, and Jetpack Joyride is doing me wonders, but I’m a little sad that I’m holding what is likely the last dedicated handheld PlayStation. Mobile streaming is cool, but there’s just nothing like a system that has been made from the ground up for playing games. I’ll be delving into more PS Vita classics this weekend, most likely between jobs at my desk.

Yasmine Hubbard

I’ve dipped back into Dauntless earlier this week, and I must admit, I’m having a hard time putting down the controller. I’ve easily racked up 10 hours already, and I’m sure the time counter will only get higher by the time the week comes to an end. At some point, I’m also tempted to give Hotshot Racing a try. It’s been on my radar since last year after Chris’s review of the game. Let the arcade drifting madness commence!

Hannah Ellis

After coming off worse in a collision with a door frame, I will be nursing my wounds with a builder’s tea and a few painkillers. But when I’m not taking tips from Two Point Hospital, I will be starting the third Dangaronpa. The playstyle in particular will suit my encumbered state this weekend – not that I need much of an excuse for this series. But I will be disappointed to finally finish it.

Stuart McLean

My plan of completing games on the backlog before starting anything new (unless for review) still remains, but this weekend is all about Returnal. Luckily I’m not breaking my rule as it is for review, but as we didn’t receive a code so you’ll have to wait a few more days for our first impressions to land while I jump in and give it a go. Will it fall foul of my lack of patience for roguelites (or roguelikes – at this point does anyone know the difference??) or will it scratch an itch in the way ScourgeBringer most recently did? Stay tuned to find out!

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Max Everett

I enter this weekend with an itch to play, and that itch will only be scratched by Metal Slug on the Neo Geo Mini. As sad as it sounds I’m enjoying my little spell back to basics and I have missed the giddy and nostalgic feeling playing retro games brings. If it’s not Metal Slug then I shall continue my sugary siege on Candy Crush, I don’t know how I cope with such hard decisions.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ve spent the last few days dying a lot in The Long Dark on PS Plus so I’ll probably continue to play that. Failure builds character, Grandma used to say, so I should be a decent person any day now.

Andrew Scrofano

I’ve been working through Nioh Remastered for a few weeks now, and I’m finally nearing the end! Unfortunately, it looks like I have quite a ways to go if I want to earn the platinum trophy for this one. Depending on how some of these late-game missions go, I can totally see myself taking a break with some NieR Replicant this weekend before I lose my sanity.

And that’s what we’re doing this weekend. If you want to share what you’re doing, hit us up on the ol’ Twitter.

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