Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 259 – A Weekend for Villagers

It’s the weekend once more and you know what that means. For us, it means we’re playing some games. Obviously. It’s in the title…

It’s a big weekend for Capcom and fans of the publisher’s most revered series, Resident Evil. This weekend many players will be sitting down to play through the latest entry, Resident Evil Village, and surprisingly, I find myself amongst those numbers. If you’re playing your way through Resident Evil Village this weekend on PS5 or PS4, you’ll want to get your hands on the free Resident Evil Village theme and avatars.

Here’s what I and the rest of the team are up to this weekend.

Chris Harding

I’ve got Resident Evil Village to work through for some site content and to put together some videos on our YouTube channel. Do be a dear and subscribe, won’t you?

It’s scary stuff so far, RE8, but I’m surprised to say that I’m actually enjoying it; I’ve never played a Resident Evil game for more than an hour or two, so this a big deal.

When I’m not running away like a coward in Resident Evil Village, I’ve got heists to pull off in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, as well as some videos, to knock together for our YouTube channel. See how I managed to plug it twice?

Yasmine Hubbard

I’m still consuming the poison chalice that is Dauntless. I’ve been finding the game really addictive but oddly relaxing – though I’m pretty sure striking down Behemoths shouldn’t be a relaxing activity. I’ve also started downloading Wreckfest onto my PS5, so I’m pretty confident it’ll be making a guest appearance sometime during the weekend. Read Chris’s review here to find out why it’s a winner!

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Stuart McLean

I’m still enjoying my time with Returnal so that looks to be how I’ll spend the majority of my playtime this weekend. If I do need a break from the fight-die-repeat cycle I still have Assassins Creed Valhalla bubbling away so I will continue to make progress in that before it gets relegated once again when Mass Effect lands.

Max Everett

I am participating in a second bout of mourning over my PS4 Pro being packed thanks to the release of Resident Evil: Village. However, I plan to deal with this the same way I treat all mourning, get stupidly drunk and Neo-Geo. Or, maybe just one of them, who knows? Who cares? And down the hatch.

Hannah Ellis

I’m enjoying playing a couple of new expansions in the Jumbo Edition of Two Point Hospital, so I’ll be back in my scrubs this weekend. However, I will also be cursing Stardew Valley a little more as it has taken to crashing since the last update. I can lose days of progress without needing my games to help me…

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