Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 262

Another Monday-Friday done and dusted and that means it’s time to undo that top button on the jeans, kick off the boots, put the feet up, and play some games. Here’s what the Pure PlayStation team is doing this weekend.

Chris Harding

As usual, I’ll be splitting my time between the desk and the family. The pre-E3 workload is real and so I’ll probably be spending more time working than playing. My go-to game for a quick fix of the good stuff is Boxed In. I’ve become a little bit precious about it since sitting atop the leaderboards. Don’t touch my high score!

Hannah Ellis

If the bus shows up, I will be running into town to buy Mass Effect Legendary Edition. As someone who’s only played Andromeda – unpatched Andromeda, at that – I think it’s time I went back to the start. A decision that’s spurred on by such positive reviews!

Max Everett

This weekend is going to be a largely manual affair thanks to the world being run by numbers in my bank account. However, largely due to my boredom and lack of creativity I have relented and unpacked my PS4, so I guess I’ll indulge myself in The Witcher 3.

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Yasmine Hubbard

Knockout City will probably still occupy my time this weekend. The game has been a fun ride at the moment, even though it’ll be interesting to see how active the player base will be when the block party event comes to an end. Alongside that, I’m thoroughly intrigued by Scarlet Nexus, so I think giving the demo a go that went live on the PlayStation Store earlier today will be in order.

Stuart McLean

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has eaten up every gaming hour I have had spare this week, and I anticipate this weekend to be the same. Having played it the first time around I am surprised at the bits I remember and equally surprised at the bits I have forgotten. In many ways, it’s like playing a brand new game, and I’m loving it all over again this second time around. Look out for my review coming soon.

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