Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 263

It’s been a long week but it’s finally over, and if you’re anything like us, then you know it’s time to slip into something comfortable, pour yourself a drink, and play a game. Any game. This is what we’re doing this weekend.

Jeremy Peterson

I have a few games for review to take care of, but if I can find the time, I’m gonna smash my way through The Stones of Harlath on the Oculus Quest 2. If you ever wanted to feel like you woke up inside a thirty-year-old adventure RPG then this is the game for you.

Stuart Mclean

When it comes to the sunny weather we are enjoying here in the UK, I learned my lesson the hard way that the sun isn’t meant for me (but sunburn is). Luckily I have plenty of games itching for my attention on my PS5 – first and foremost is Returnal which I’m eager to jump back into now that I’ve finished Mass Effect Legendary Edition. I still have Disco Elysium sitting untouched on my home screen so I may even give that a go should the mood take me, the world (or at least PSN) is my oyster!

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Christopher Harding

I’ve got a weekend of work ahead of me with various videos, reviews, and previews to get cracking on with. It’s going to be a hot busy couple of days but I’ll manage to have some fun. I’m playing Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu with the boy, and when he’s snoring his little head in bed, I can go back to Hong Kong in Sleeping Dogs.

Yasmine Hubbard

I know I’m a bit of a broken record lately, but Knockout City will probably dictate my time once again. I’m thoroughly enjoying playing the ranked mode and picking up the best playstyle, depending on the situation. Although in the UK, we’re experiencing a mini heatwave, so I’m not averse to venturing outside for an hour or two before I remind myself, I don’t like hot weather and station a fan indoors for the rest of the weekend.

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