Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 264 – E3 2021 Edition

The weekend is finally here, so hopefully most of us can find some time to lean back, kick off our shoes and thumb our joysticks all willy nilly while we stare slack jawed at our tv’s. The only downside, of course, is it’s the eve of another E3, and with all of these new game announcements, I can’t help but look at my current old games with a deep sense of discontontent. Hopefully, our faithfull readers are more well adjusted than me. Either way, here is what we’re playing this weekend. How about you?

Jeremy Peterson

Under the din of the many new game announcements currently ringing in my ears, I’ll be playing the new DLC for Wasteland 3. And despite my constant complaining, I’m actually excited for it.

Yasmine Hubbard

After months of scrimping and saving, I’ve finally bought myself an Alienware laptop. Although I didn’t get much sleep the prior night, so attempting to keep myself awake for the package to arrive was an…interesting experience. I can’t wait to set up the little bad boy and awe in all its glory. I’ll also be ploughing through a review in the upcoming days, so my activities are fully booked.

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Stuart Mclean

It’s e3, and living in the UK that means plenty of streams starting early in the evening and keeping me up late into the night as I see what gaming goodies we have to look forward to in the coming months. Hopefully we get our fair share of sneaky shadow drops (here’s looking at you Jedi Fallen Order…) that will keep me busy over the next few weeks. If I do get any playtime it’ll be to platinum Mass Effect 3.

Chris Harding

No time for play this weekend – it’s E3 2021 and it’s running all weekend.

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