Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 268

Another weekend is here and it’s a good weekend if you’re a VR gamer. We’ve been waiting for Sniper Elite VR for over a year and I’m happy to say it doesn’t disappoint. But what this obsessed VR gaming nerd wasn’t expecting was to be playing a really fun VR baseball game. Sadly, it’s not on the PSVR currently, but It’s called Totally Baseball and despite more than a few of the bugs that we’ve learned to expect from a brand new indie release, it’s still really fun. What better way to spend the weekend than enjoying a few beers down at the yard, right?

Jeremy Peterson

I’m enjoying Sniper Elite VR despite it not working with my preferred Quest gun stock. “I should have bought this on the PSVR” is not a sentence I say much anymore but here we are. When I’m not targeting nazi balls, I’ll be playing with a different set of balls… Totally Baseball on the Quest 2, of course. It just released and is surprisingly fun if you like baseball.

Yasmine Hubbard

I expect that most of my time will be occupied with review duties in the immediate future. However, if I’m left with any R&R, I intend to hop back into Rogue Company, as they’ve recently introduced a 6v6 in Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill, and I’m interested to see if that will shake up the battle dynamic.

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Megan Smith

Since I subscribe to PlayStation Now, I’ve taken the time to download Judgement on my PS4. I doubt I’ll get very far in it or understand anything I’m doing but it’s worth a shot. When I’m not solving cases, I’ll probably start earning some more Cash and gold on Red Dead Redemption 2 Online for the Blood Money update. Maybe it will even push me to get back into it.

Stuart McLean

I’ve revisited Grounded on the Series X this week, and I think I’m reaching my limit with it. It’s still in Early Access, so I dare say I will revisit it after its next update as I do have fun whenever I go back to it. Once I’m done with that I’ve already downloaded Yakuza Like a Dragon all set and ready to go – Gamepass is seriously a good time!

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