Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 27

Yabba dabba dooooo! We’ve clocked out for the weekend and we’re ready to PAR-TAY. By clocked out we mean we’ll be doing less work on the site, and by PAR-TAY we mean we’ll probably just kick back and play some games over the weekend. Still, you get what we mean.

As we do every week, the team at Pure PlayStation writes their gaming plans for the weekend and we invite you to share yours in the comments section below. C’mon now, don’t be shy. We know these things get read on a weekly basis, so come on down to the comments and get involved! We don’t bite*…

*Brian is a big biter.

Chris Harding

My weekend plans revolve around working through a few games to review for the site. Super Dungeon Bros will be tackled by me and the Mrs, then its off to London to sweep up the last few trophies I’ve got left with The Order: 1886. What? It’s not that bad…

Jason Frye

I will be trying out the Killing Floor 2 beta, finishing up some reviews, and play the Game of Thrones Telltale game I bought during the Sale of the Dead. It was so cheap, it was scary. Wocka Wocka Wocka! It’s tough having a Fozzie the Bear sense of humor, but it is easier than being green. Good night, everybody. I’m here all week.

Kyle Durant

Upon return from the Dominican Republic, I will be playing loads of Battlefield 1, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, and finally make up my mind on Thumper. Also, might buy another VR game because my addiction demands it. Any suggestions?

Jake Ellis

This weekend I will be delving back into the beautiful adventure that Journey has to offer; this will be my second play through, however, this time I will be passing the controller around as a friend also experiences Journey’s fantastical world. On top of this I will be smashing out a co-op play through of Resident Evil Revelations 2, so all-in-all it’s going to be a rather sociable weekend for gaming.

Dom O’Leary

I’ll be braving the madness of the Darkest Dungeon this weekend, should I get out with my sanity I shall see you on the other side. Also, I’ll be delving into the dark sci-fi tale of the very retro Exiles End. Might also sneak in some Titanfall 2, maybe. Then next week I’ll be out at the first annual Yorkshire Games Festival, bringing all the news and some sexy interviews right here to Pure PlayStation (*Disclaimer: interviews may or may not be sexy). Watch out for the preview article coming soon.

Brian Milch

As Brian didn’t get his weekly PP Plays submission in on time, we’re writing it for him. And in fine PP tradition, we’re making it as embarrassing/annoying to him as possible.

Brian will be spending his weekend playing the Xbox One. He’s a massive fan of the exclusives available on the system and he’s actually opted for Sunset Overdrive over Uncharted 4. Different strokes for different folks, we guess. [Yo, Brian, be punctual next time!]

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