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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 271

What are you playing this weekend?

The 2020 Olympics is the hot topic at the moment, though you wouldn’t know if you were in the Pure PlayStation Slack – nobody there seems to give a damn. Ouch.

So if we’re not all watching the finest athletes on the planet doing a two-week P.E lesson, what are we up to? Good question…

Chris Harding

I’m finishing off The Falconeer: Warrior Edition this weekend ahead of the review on Monday – so keep an eye out for it!

I’ve got some PSVR games to review, too, like Neon Hat and Synth Riders. Thankfully, the weather has cooled down a bit so the idea of putting on the PSVR headset isn’t as daunting as it was last week.

If I get some free time away from my review duties, I really want to play more Microsoft Flight Simulator. I love it. It’s amazing and easily the most accessible simulator on a home console. It’s the only way I’ll be seeing Las Vegas this year. Fingers crossed that changes in 2022!

Yasmine Hubbard

I’m dabbling with the idea of buying The Forgotten City. I’m in the mood for an RPG experience, and I think this game might satisfy that itch.

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Alongside that, I’m interested in giving the Splitgate open beta a try. I’ve seen a lot of positive praise for it online, so I might pop in to see what all the fuss is about.

Stuart McLean

it’s a quadruple XP weekend in Marvel’s Avengers, which means it’s as good a time as any to jump back in to finish off levelling up my characters.

I’ve already put the call out to my squad of two and it looks like that’s a go, so my plan is to get as much out of the way before the War for Wakanda expansion drops on August 16th. Avengers Assemble!

Megan Smith

Last week I tried my luck at finishing Red Dead Redemption 2. I failed miserably. This week I am revisiting that goal as I think I can finally complete it for good this weekend – wish me luck! When I’m not forcing myself to live the cowboy life, I might play a little bit of Steep as I’m really looking forward to Riders Republic that shall hopefully be gracing us this October

Newcomer Bobby and old man Jeremy are missing in action this week. A conspiracy? Maybe. What are you doing this weekend? Let us know on Twitter.

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