Pure PlayStation Plays: Ghost of Tsushima

Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 273

Bring on the weekend!

Ladies and gentlemen, the weekend is here once again and we have your 273rd Pure PlayStation Plays so you can be nosey at what the team are kicking into this weekend. As always, plenty of us are busy at work even on the weekend but some of us still have the chance to sneak in a few hours of play.

So what are our plans?

Megan Smith

After being messed around all weekend by Blue Box and their newest game Abandoned I am itching to focus my time on something else, and something violent. That’s why I am yet again loading up the now open beta of Back 4 Blood to destroy some zombies with friends. I never got to play the Player vs Player modes either so I should probably give that a go too.

When I’m not killing zombies, I’m going to be dating weapons – yes you heard me correctly. Boyfriend Dungeon recently dropped so I’m going to putting my time into romancing my weapons in this dungeon crawler meets dating simulator – don’t judge till you try it!

Chris Harding

It’s another weekend of review games for me. Fracked on PSVR is my big focus for the weekend but I’ll get through a couple of others, too, like Pile Up!, Hades, and RIMS Racing.

It’s gonna be a busy one…

Stuart McLean

After I messed up on a purchase using credit on PSN, I am now the proud owner of the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Ghost of Tsushima on PS5. Technically, I already own both – but being a dummy I own them on disc on my PS4, making them useless on my digital-only PS5. With the announcement of the Director’s Cut, I didn’t feel bad buying Ghosts again, but after what I will refer to as a clerical error I ended up with more credit than I needed – so as the saying goes in for a penny, in for a pound! In other words, why buy one game you already own when you can buy two?

So in short, my weekend will be spent playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intermission while Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut downloads in the background as I feel like an idiot with an empty wallet.

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Yasmine Hubbard

I found myself revisiting the stadiums in Rocket League yesterday with the new season dropping. It’s only been a few months since I put down the game, but it felt like forever.

I might check out the new Shame King series that landed on Netflix earlier this week on an unrelated gaming topic. I was a massive fan of the original anime series in 2001 and remember fondly the first season, which will be sure to occupy my time.

Bobby Houston

I won’t have a lot of time for gaming this weekend, between work and wrapping up a year-long Dungeons and Dragons campaign, but I can say that the end is finally in sight for Ghost of Tsushima on PS4.

Over the course of the week, I’m hoping to finally get it checked off the ol’ gaming backlog once and for all and then maybe taking a deep dive into Legends which I’ve only really dabbled in before.

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