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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 274

Is it that time again already?

It is indeed that time again – the weekend! So we’re back once more with your 274th Pure PlayStation Plays. It has been another busy week for us at Pure PlayStation, giving you all the latest news and reviews!

So now it’s time for us to kick back and relax – let’s see what the team are up to, shall we?

Megan Smith

My first task for this weekend is to finish my review on King’s Bounty II, I have struggled while playing it as the game is incredibly challenging but you’ll hear about all that at a later date. When I’m not reviewing I’ll probably be wasting my hours on Red Dead Online with a couple of friends.

Perhaps if all else fails I might restart Persona 5, as I keep getting the soundtrack suggested to me on Spotify and it has reawakened my need to play it.

Bobby Houston

This weekend is going to be spent wrapping up Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. I’m a huuge Dragon Ball fan and thought I would give Kakarot a shot following the success of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Dragon Ball Z: Kararot is a faithful retelling of the anime series, adapting iconic scenes and near enough every fight in the 20 hours I’ve spent with it so far.

There’s a fun battle system to master, some challenging boss battles, and the world is chock-full of fun easter eggs and cameos that old school fans of Dragon Ball will definitely appreciate. It’s a shame that the game is bogged down by half-baked RPG mechanics, tedious fetch quests, and leaving out crucial information and gameplay mechanics you have to figure out by yourself.

Despite that, I’ve had a good time and I’m looking forward to checking it off the gaming backlog, while also diving into the new Tales of Arise demo in-between!

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Jeremy Peterson

I recently restarted Chasm on the Switch and I forgot how many retro gaming buttons that game pushes for me – So much fun.

If Chasm makes me feel young again, the new golf game on the Quest 2 is great at reminding me how old I am. Partly because golf is the quintessential old man game, and partly because I know that each swing of the club might be the last, my back keeps reminding me.

Yasmine Hubbard

I’ve been curious about the Ultra Age since gameplay footage of the game surfaced the other month. At first glance, it appears to be heavily inspired by the likes of NierR: Automata and Devil May Cry 5. This caught my interest as I’m a sucker for anything that embodies hack and slash mechanics. However, a cheeky demo for Ultra Age dropped earlier this week, so I can’t wait to give this one a go and see what the gameplay has to offer.

Alongside this, I also bought Shred 2 that is currently on sale for under four-pound on the PlayStation Store. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Shred 2 will be a bargain at this price, but only time will tell.

Stuart McLean

I have Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut preloaded and all ready to go, so I’m hoping that will take up most of my weekend – that’s if I get to the bottom of time-loop thriller 12 Minutes as that is currently keeping me occupied over on my Xbox Series S.

Chris Harding

It’s another weekend of work for me, but at least the work is good. I’ve got a bunch of reviews to catch up on, including Tribes of Midgard, Hades, and the upcoming I Expect You To Die 2. Other people will be serving beers to pasty old English fellas to earn their coin this weekend, so I can’t complain about having to play a few games…

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