Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 276

It’s that time of the week again!

Pat yourself on the pack everyone you completed another week of living, a shame there isn’t any trophies for existing in real life but that just means we here at Pure PlayStation get a whole weekend to achieve them in the games we’re playing instead.

Speaking of Pure PlayStation – can you believe it is already our 276th Pure PlayStation Plays? That means there are only 24 weeks until the 300. We’ll be expecting presents…

Enough of my jabbering on let’s see what the team have planned shall we?

Stuart McLean

It’s a busy weekend being a grown-up for me so my playtime will be few and far between. Any time I do Manage will be spent between Ghost of Tsushima and Psychonauts 2.

Megan Smith

So you remember last week when I said I would be playing Fallout 4? Well since then, I have bought four of the DLCs including Nuka World and Far Harbor. So I plan on completing the game on my new RailRoad run and then getting those DLCs that I got for a bargain finished too.

If I’m not exploring the Wasteland, then I have been debating getting back into Skyrim – but I know the second I hear the nostalgic opening, I’ll want to turn it off again…sorry.

Yasmine Hubbard

I’m hoping to fit in a job lot of gaming this weekend. Firstly, I want to continue my playthrough with Kitaria Fables, as the game is a pretty decent RPG. I’ve nearly collected all the different weaponry and spells available, so I’ll probably continue grinding towards that before I go forth and attempt to complete the side quests.

Alongside that, the new limited-time event Knockout City Heroes has finally arrived on Knockout City, and I can’t wait to give that a cheeky go, as the new mode appears on the surface to have introduced some exciting mechanics. To top it all off, I’m also hoping to catch up with my buddy sometime in the upcoming days and play some Dragon Ball FighterZ. Apparently, an update a few weeks back changed the meta quite a bit, so I’m looking forward to seeing the difference; although it won’t change the outcome, I’ll probably still lose the majority of my matches.

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Jeremy Peterson

 I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to play recently so I’m still slogging my way through a replay of Chasm on the Switch, this time on a higher difficulty. It’s simple and requires little brain activity, which is perfect for me. I have been getting some decent exercise with my Quest, however. I’m shit at golfing but the latest Quest golf game is pretty good. Plus Totally Baseball and Synth Riders never cease to entertain.

Bobby Houston

Busy, busy week behind me and another one ahead so won’t have a whole lot of time for gaming this week. I have dipped my toe back into Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, took a little break because the prospect of the three games back to back was a little daunting. Also for some reason, and this may be controversial but Mass Effect 2 always loses me a little bit when it comes to the loyalty missions. I feel like people are going to want to fight me…

Chris Harding

It’s a weekend of horror and hell as I contend with Blair Witch VR, The Medium, Tormented Souls, and Hades, all of which I want to be finished and reviewed before the new week is here. Scary times.

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