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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 277

May the Weekend never end

That’s another week over, I’m at the point in my life where I’m not sure if I’m thankful for the week to be over or terrified by how fast it’s going.

No matter how I feel about the passage of time one thing I am thankful for is the chance to play games without feeling like I need to be responsible.

I wonder if the others feel the same for our 277th Pure PlayStation Plays?

Yasmine Hubbard

Sadly, real-life duties will probably eat up my time for the next few days. Although, I can’t wait to start Life is Strange: True Colours when I get some spare time.

I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while now and have high expectations for the game. I’m ready for a rollercoaster experience and have the tissues on standby!

Megan Smith

PlayStation Now has opened my eyes to the joy you can have from playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker so, that’s where I’ll be this weekend. I’m a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons so Pathfinder is definitely up my alley, not to mention my recent obsession with strategy games – I still need to start XCOM again now that I think about it…

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When I’m not playing either of those two, I have still got to start the Far Harbor DLC on Fallout 4. So that is also on the list to achieve – sorted!

Bobby Houston

I don’t really have much gaming planned for the week ahead as I’m adulting and surprisingly I’ve managed to finish off my backlog.

I’m waiting patiently for Lost Judgement so I think I’ll jump back into Judgement to roam Kamurocho and take on some side cases. It’s the closest I’ll be getting to a night out for a while.

Stuart McLean

I hope to finally manage a bit of gaming this weekend, and the top of my list is to get Ghost of Tsushima crossed off the backlog before Deathloop arrives next week.

I just wish there was a feature in games to help quickly get you up to speed with the various controls in games you haven’t played in ages as that’s half the battle!

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