Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 29

After a long week with two of the biggest games of the year released, we all want to sit back and relax. We need to keep up our strength, because in one week everything over here in the US will go nuts. Someone might actually die while trying to save $50 on a TV, but it is not all bad news. You can still purchase heavily discounted games right from your couch. We love Black Friday.

Here is how we will be preparing.

Chris Harding

My weekend will be all about that VR train. I’m still cacking my pants every time I boot up The Brookhaven Experiment, and I really, really want to beat my friends’ scores on Tethered. Maybe I’ll give my eyes a rest on Sunday and chill out with some Watch Dogs 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2 on the Vita via remote play. Oh who am I kidding. I’m going to end up back Eagle Flight, aren’t I?

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Brian Milch

Still testing PS4 Pro enabled games. I’m pretty deep into Deus EX. Than sprinkling in some Titanfall multiplayer. Hopefully with all the deals coming in the next week I can catch up on games I haven’t played yet…Tomb Raider and Battlefield priority 1 and 2

Kyle Durant

Watch Dogs 2 until I die at this point. I’ve done so many side missions and I believe I’m about 75% of the story but there’s so much else to do. I’m going to be busy for awhile. Hopefully, I can beat it enough to my satisfaction in time for Final Fantasy 15 am I right?

Jason Frye

After real life getting in the way of more important things like gaming, I want to try Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. It has gotten a lot of hate, and that only makes me more curious. Besides, the price was right.


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