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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 4

The weekend is once again upon us, and that naturally means that we’ll be taking part in some gaming activities. As has become the norm, we’ll tell you what we’re playing this weekend and then we invite you to share your weekend gaming plans with us down in the comments section below.

Chris Harding

This weekend is all about Call of Duty Black Ops for me, though not on a Sony console. Yes, I’m getting stuck into Blops on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. I know, I know, it’s not the sort of thing that you’d expect from Pure PlayStation, but I just bloody love Black Ops. Every minute I spend playing it on the Xbox One makes me wish that Sony would just do something to get PS3 games running on PS4. Make it happen!

Jake Ellis

This weekend I believe I will spend my time playing Destiny. A game that no matter what I always find myself drawn to, it really comes and goes in phases. I’ll occasionally find that for weeks at a time it’s all I want to play and then suddenly I can’t find a reason to open it for months. Regardless, it’s a damn good game, although at launch it was somewhat lacking in… well everything to be honest. However as someone who didn’t buy it at release and waited until the Taken King came out and picked it up plus all the DLC for £20, I definitely got my money’s worth. A good friend of mine will also be joining me to get through that sweet, sweet raid grind.

Conor Hutton

Uncharted 4. Piss off and leave me alone.

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