Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 31

After many years, our fantasies have finally come true, and it looks like a lot of us will be hanging out with Noctis and friends this weekend. If you are a person who has no desire to play Square Enix’s latest, you can join the rest of us in the Titanfall 2 free multiplayer weekend.

Dom O’Leary

Final Fantasy 15 will be dominating my weekend, I really can’t see myself doing anything else. Even writing this has taken too much time away from it, damn you.

Kyle Durant

Kyle was unable to provide a response, because we locked him in the basement here at Pure PlayStation HQ. He is pushing through Final Fantasy XV, and we won’t let him out until he lets us know what he thinks. Every two hours we scream, “It puts the potion on its skin”, or else it gets the Fira again. He has been sleeping for less than 2 hours a night, and he subsists solely on an EA approved diet of Doritos and Mountain Dew.

Chris Harding

Peep this:  Interview: Moonshine Studios Talks Get Packed: Fully Loaded - Your New Crazy Co-Op Game for PS4, PS5

I’m one of those scumbags that didn’t bother to buy Titanfall 2, so I’ll be partaking in the free trial weekend that’s running right now.

Brian Milch

Brian was also unable to provide a response today. Someone has to keep giving Kyle food, and Brian volunteered. 

Jason Frye

I will also be playing through more of Final Fantasy XV. It is not Final Fantasy X-3 (it may happen someday), but I am only a couple chapters in so far. I am a little surprised I have to fill up the gas in my car. It is not more exciting when you do it in a game.

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