Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 32

What now, nonbelievers? The Last Guardian is finally out, and everyone can enjoy building a magical relationship with a part dog, part bird hybrid. We can all mark this one off our bucket list as we try to find the next game that has been in a will they/won’t they state for too long. Come on, Valve. It is time.

Kyle Durant

I don’t know what any given weekend is going to show me at this rate. The Fall/Winter season of video games hit me hard this year. As always though Rocket League will be in the mix thanks to the new Starbase update. Besides that I got some 3on3 Freestyle, Sportsbar VR, Let It Die, and whatever else my OCD demands I play.

Brian Milch

Brian was not able to respond this week. He is busy living out his fantasies in The Neverending Story with Falkor The Last Guardian with Trico. Any other time is spent working on the review, so we will know soon if it met his very high expectations. 

Jason Frye

I am back to playing Final Fantasy XV when I can. It is a strange mix of new and old, which leaves me wondering where this is going. Also, they keep complaining about how hot they are, and they are all wearing black leather clothes (which I refuse to change).

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