Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 33

Do you think love can bloom, even on a battlefield?” In this case, yes, and surprisingly that battlefield was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Call of Duty’s reputation for online romance is usually limited to suggestions involving another player’s mother, but that’s why this is news, folks.

Gary’s future wife was killing him repeatedly in a death match, and he sent her a message asking her to stop killing him. They began to chat and play together, and the rest is history. They are set to be married next year, and you can read the entire story on the Daily Mail.

Here is what we are doing this weekend.

Kyle Durant

As much as I should catch up on my gaming backlog (Batman episode 3-5, Wolfenstein, Game of Thrones, and more) I just recently hit Master rank in Overwatch competitive. Soooo I have to continue to show people how great I am kappa. Rocket League will also be in play here and there.

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Chris Harding

My weekend will be spent running around in Titanfall 2. After the mega-awesome offer price on the PlayStation Store, who was I to pass it up? I won’t be playing the multiplayer, mind you, as my reflexes just can’t keep up with the young crowd these days. I hear the campaign is pretty awesome though. (Check out our review here for details on the awesome.)

Jason Frye

I am still playing through Final Fantasy XV and enjoying chocobo riding across the countryside.

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