Pure PlayStation Plays Week 37

Merry Weekend Pure PlayStationers and welcome to the only site on the net that isn’t currently bathed in Nintendo Switch articles. It’s the time of the week when all of us sexy fellas here at Pure PlayStation throw off the shackles of oppression and spend some quality time with our digital selves. Whether you’re working through those holiday releases or jumping back into an old favourite, here’s what we’ll be playing this weekend.

Jason Frye

After a little break from it, I will be working on Final Fantasy XV again. I have been delaying chapter 13 for the patch, but it is time to see where this game is going.

Kyle Durant

This weekend will be dominated by Kingdom Hearts 2.8. When It’s not actively in my PlayStation 4, it will probably be snuggling with me in bed. A few other games like Rocket League might get the light of day for a short bit but no one can guarantee that.

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Dom O’Leary

I’ve got a secret project ongoing this weekend (to avoid blatant cross-promotion, I’ll┬ájust say check my twitter feed) but other than that I’m still loving Mafia 3 and I’m eager to jump into No Man’s Sky, which I recently picked up for a bargain. Will I fall in Kyle’s camp (best game ever) or Chris’s (booooooring)?

Chris Harding

Chris has overdosed on Nintendo Switch announcements and is recovering in bed. We hope to see him soon. [Update: I’ve managed to come to my senses following the Switch presentation and the ensuing aftermath. My weekend will be me, my Nintendo 3D, and Mario. I’m a traitor, get over it, you slags.]

Bit of a short one this week, dry January, eh? But that’s enough about us, what are you guys up to this weekend? Let us know in the comments below! (Graphic sexual content will be distributed amongst the staff for their own personal use).


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