Pure PlayStation Plays Week 38

Pure PlayStation Plays Week 38

You may have noticed we gained a new friendly face this week. OK, so maybe we only have one friendly face now. Thanks, jokers.

Hannah Ellis is the newest writer on our gaming block, and she has just completed her first week. Raise your glass, say hello, and look forward to even more content from your friends at Pure PlayStation.

Here is what we are playing this weekend.

Chris Harding

Ever heard of Call of Duty 4? It’s this little shooter game that came out a decade ago. I’ll be playing that in its remastered form this weekend to get a review out. Better late than never… Then I’ll be drink driving in DriveClub VR because it’s perfectly legal and the only consequence is the puke on the living room floor. Thank Christ I have wooden floors and not carpet…

Hannah Ellis

I may be a little late to the pinball scene, but I recently came across Pinball Arcade Season One and have been addicted ever since. There is also a little family rivalry going on. So when I’m not berating their pinball prowess (or lack of), I’ll be catching a few extra practice games of my own. Not that I need them. Much.

Kyle Durant

After beating Resident Evil 7 on normal difficulty, I’m going to take it for a spin on madhouse difficulty. May or may not use the PS VR depending on how scared I get. Also, I’ll be trying my new PlayStation Platinum Headset with a variety of games.

Jason Frye

I will be finishing up The Flame in the Flood for review, so it should be ready soonish. I will also be trying the recent demo for Watch Dogs 2. I hear it is not bad.

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