Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 39

This week we celebrated our first birthday, which may explain our maturity sometimes. Over the last year, Pure PlayStation has grown, and we have learned even more. We look forward to making year two even better.

We did not do this alone. For those of you who have been here from the beginning and for those who just stumbled onto our site today, we want to thank you for joining us on this journey and for helping us to get here. We hope you like what we do, and we appreciate the trolls who see our site as their favorite bridge. (We can only be serious for so long.)

Here is what we will be doing this weekend. What about you?

Chris Harding

I’ll be playing very little this weekend. I’ve still got a couple of reviews that need to be polished off, though if I can find some time between bashing my keyboard and taming my child, I reckon I’ll be giving The Order 1886 another shot. I played it yonks ago – all in one sitting on a lazy sunday – and I’ve an itch for a streamlined story game. Here’s hoping for a sequel…

Kyle Durant

Going to finish up Dead Effect 2 for my review. Surprisingly a fun game about shooting zombies and soldiers in space. In between that I got Rocket League and Madden 17 to lose myself in. Getting progressively better at the latter and almost won a season’s superbowl last night.

Hannah Ellis

I’ve got a date with a little skinless dude who goes by the name of ‘Super Meatboy’. But if the bloodbath proves too much, I’ll probably jump into Shadow of Mordor and satisfy my Tolkien fix. Swords, gore and Uruks; what more could a girl want?

Jason Frye

I will be super mega powerfully punching into more of Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star on the PS Vita and making a “hiya!” sound in a female anime character’s voice whenever I chop or punch things. I will be trying to punch or chop more things, so I can make the sound as often as possible. This should make the child’s birthday party I am going to later this weekend interesting.

Dom O’Leary

I’ve discovered the ambient beauty of No Man’s Sky, so I’ll be putting a few hours into that (when it’s not crashing on me) checking out the choco moogle carnival (because chocobos) and trying out the latest For Honor beta. Hooray for games.

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