Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 44

Awww yeah! Merry weekend everyone. The Pure PlayStation team have officially put on our party pants to prepare for a weekend of Pure gaming. Lock up your relatives and bring out your console of choice. With PS4 Pro-seller Horizon: Zero Dawn having dropped, we’re sure many of you will be mecha-dino hunting over the next couple of days. So is one of our reviewers and going by Kyle’s entry this week, we’re guessing it’s pretty good. 

Let’s find out what the rest of our nubile and sexy young team will be getting up to:

Jason Frye: This weekend I will be playing, “why won’t my TV show me any picture” followed by the nail-biting sequel, “how much will this cost me to fix”. They are both indie games, so you may not have heard of them. Until I beat them both, I will be dragging my PS4 to the TV in the bedroom to make sure it does not feel neglected and play some of The Division free trial.

Dom O’Leary: I’ll be spending most of this weekend practicing alchemy in the colourful and moto-kawaii world of Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey. Also I’m still playing Torment: Tides of Numenera because it’s awesome… but you already know that because you read my review and bought it. *wink*

Hannah Ellis: With the start of the Formula One season only a few weeks away I will be making like Lewis Hamilton and spending the weekend out on the track. Who needs an eight month season when you can go from Melbourne to Monza at the tap of a button.

Chris Harding: I’ll be cacking my kickers with the creepy PSVR puzzler, Dying: Reborn, before dying a bunch of times in I Expect You to Die. And if the Mrs lets me, I’ll be ditching the PlayStation for the Nintendo Switch. Just need to convince her that 400 euros for a “games tablet” is a worthwhile investment…

Kyle Durant:  Horizon Zero Dawn  Horizon Zero Dawn  Horizon Zero Dawn  Horizon Zero Dawn  Horizon Zero Dawn  Horizon Zero Dawn  Horizon Zero Dawn  Horizon Zero Dawn  Horizon Zero Dawn  Horizon Zero Dawn  Horizon Zero Dawn  Horizon Zero Dawn.

Merle Alix: I’m going to bust out my best penguin impersonation and play the PSVR puzzle game Waddle Home.  Hopefully there is more of a focus on puzzle solving rather than waddling, but I’m game either way.

Let us know how your weekend plays out in the comments. Unless you’re a dirty, dirty, Switch convert like our nefarious editor, we’re sure you’ll be far too busy ‘playing anywhere.’ (Just kidding, we love you really, please like us.)



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