Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 46

Blimey, Week 46? Have we really been doing this for that long? Seems so! By now you’ve (hopefully) got the idea as to what Pure PlayStation Plays is all about, but if not, we’ll fill you in.

Each and every week the team at Pure PlayStation tells you what games they’ll be getting their teeth stuck into over the weekend, then we invite you to share your weekend plans with us in the comment section below. Simple, right? So without further ado, here’s what the Pure PlayStation team will be playing this weekend:

Chris Harding

My weekend is all about VR, baby! I’ve got a couple of bits to play through, though I’m guessing my evenings will be spent with Driveclub VR and a few whiskeys. What? Don’t judge me… When I’m not sweating my brows off in the PSVR headset I’ll be working on a couple of reviews. What reviews? Can’t say!

Jason Frye

It is a detective weekend for me. I am looking forward to solving a few more murder mysteries in Danganronpa 1.2 Reload for review. Any other time will be spent impersonating the world’s greatest detective, as I am tearing up the streets of Gotham, beating up gangs, and participating in anti-tank warfare.

Merle Alix

I will be head banging my way back into Headmaster on PSVR, and possibly a headache.  It will be worth it though, because Headmaster is still my favorite game on PSVR…at least, until Farpoint comes out; I can’t wait to try that gun peripheral.

Dom O’Leary

“Just call me Oni slayer, baby” is what I declare before initiating lovemaking. On an unrelated note, I’ll be playing Omega Force’s upcoming boss-battley, open worldy, action rpg type thing, Toukiden 2. I’m also gingerly making my way through the odd but charming rogue-like, Loot Rascals. Sorry ladies, that’s a full dance card.

Hannah Ellis

I will be spending one last weekend with my PSP before it gets traded in for a younger model, and by that I mean a game or three. It’s surprising how addicting Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories can be even after all these years. Anyone fancy some Boomshine?

Jake Ellis

Rather controversially I have decided to finally get a copy of No Man’s Sky, currently only 2 days in but so far it’s more than worth the £9 I bought it for off of Amazon. So my weekend will be spent exploring the beautiful universe Hello Games have built. If like me you were deterred by the bad press the game received upon release, then at this time it’s finally worth grabbing a cheap copy.

Jeremy Peterson

I’m still playing Horizon Zero Dawn because there are only so many hours in the day and the game is huge. And Awesome. Also, I’m still training my self not to hurl while playing Dirt VR. I’ve been playing since the day of the VR patch, and I hope to soon be able to finish my first race without losing my lunch.

So that’s what the majority of the Pure PlayStation staff will be doing this weekend. Now get your arse down to the comments and tell us what you’re playing, or make fun of Jake for playing No Man’s Sky.

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