Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 49

Sorry. There are no famous posteriors this week, but you never know what the future will bring.

We do have a list of games that will be keeping us busy as we enjoy a well-deserved, fun-filled weekend. We made it here, and we are going to squeeze every last ounce of awesome out of the next 48 hours.

Let us know what makes you jump into the air with glee, and be sure to leave us a message in the comments to tell us which games you will be playing in your sober moments.

Jeremy Peterson

I’m gonna play some Mortal Blitz VR while wishing it was Farpoint. And I’ll probably grind through some more Salt and Sanctuary cause apparently that’s what I do now.

Merle Alix

I’ll be going old school with the new (for PS4) point and click adventure game, The Inner World, before jumping back into Zelda for a third weekend in a row.  I just realized that if Nintendo ever makes a point and click adventure game out of the Zelda franchise they will have my money so fast.

Chris Harding

I’ve got a couple of games that need to be done for reviews, so I’ll be going back to the rude little goblin Styx (not an easy game!) and, if time allows, I’ll be joining a few mates for some VR battles in Korix for PSVR.

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Hannah Ellis

In between the golf, F1 and horses I will be squeezing in a few more levels of Super Meat Boy. I’d better get the plasters at the ready, though, because the further along I get, the more blood that seems to get splattered. Remember: circular saws are dangerous!

Dom O’Leary

I’ll be ruining some stranger’s controllers as a Spear of the Church in Dark Souls III, then potentially ruining my own as I attempt to avoid being eaten, drowned or washed away in Rain World. I might also give Drawn to Death another chance despite my first impression being… less than favourable. Perhaps I just need to learn the virtues of a good Shaxe?

Jason Frye

After so much waiting, Persona 5 is finally in my hands. I have only begun to unlock its sweet JRPG gameplay, but it is already starting to steal my heart. If I need a change of pace, I will try the Dishonored 2 demo or the demo for Dragon Quest Heroes II.

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