Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 5

It’s Friday and that means seven things but we’re only going to talk about one of them here. Which one? Well the video games we’ll be wasting our time with this weekend of course. If you didn’t already know, this is Pure PlayStation Plays a weekly feature in which we tell you all about the games we’ll be playing over the weekend. Feel free to chip in and tell us what you’ll be playing down in the comments.

Jake Ellis

This weekend following it’s release I will be playing the incredibly addictive Overwatch. It’s a game I told myself I wasn’t going to buy due to what I thought to be a lack of content, but then a week after the open beta found myself craving a little more so I went ahead and pre ordered. Many many hours of Overwatch will be played this weekend on top of what I’ve already put in during the week. If you’ve been tempted to buy it but just weren’t sure if it’s worth it I would urge you to go ahead and just get it, I don’t remember the last game I have enjoyed this much. Blizzard announced that all future heroes, maps and game modes will come as free updates so yes it’s not currently brimming with content but I’m putting my trust in Blizzard to be generous with the free updates.

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Chris Harding

This weekend I’ll be playing Guitar Hero Live and Singstar with a bottle of whiskey. God help my neighbours.

Conor Hutton

This weekend I’ll be getting back into Uncharted 4 to continue my crushing mode playthrough. I have to say I wasn’t to bothered by the game’s slower pace in the beginning. In fact I liked it as it helped to make the game feel mature and set a more serious tone for Nate’s final adventure. The consequences feel a lot more impactful this time around too as the focus shifts from the adventure to the people on it with you and how far Nate will go for them. I’m sure many people will disagree but I would argue that 4 is the best game in the series – its villains are my favourite, the graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is much improved, there’s worthwhile new additions to the collectables and the Every sub-plot might be some of the series finest storytelling.


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