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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 50 – Happy Easter!

This weekend is a little different to most, being that we’re obliged to eat as many chocolate eggs as we can stuff into our greedy little face holes. It’s the perfect combo, really, chocolate and games. Just, er, make sure you don’t get too much chocolate on your controller…

As is the norm now, we’re going to tell you what we’re playing this weekend and we invite you to share your weekend plans with us down in the comments section below. We’ve actually got a couple of new faces here at Pure PlayStation this week, so join us all in welcoming them to… THE MAD HOUSE. Nah, not really, we’re alright.

Chris Harding

My weekend gaming plans are looking pretty darn good. I’ve been given the go-ahead by the Mrs to get my PSVR headset running on Saturday night, so I’ll be shouting at strangers online with Werewolves Within. Once my throat is burnt out by lying my arse off, I’ll be giving DiRT Rally a go in PSVR. Sick bucket at the ready…

Stuart Mclean

I’m a good chunk of the way through Dishonoured 2, so beside gorging myself on chocolate my plan is to finish my passive playthrough before jumping into the Disney and Final Fantasy love child that is Kingdom Hearts 1.5

Joshua Robertson

I’ve decided to dig out my old PS3 and play Bulletstorm for a retro review. When I’m not doing that I’ll be putting myself through the torture of playing Dark Souls 2 since it’s the only game in the franchise I haven’t played and I’m a horrible completionist.

Jason Frye

I will be putting a little more time into the neon-lit Aeero, before writing up a review. Aside from that, it is nothing but dungeons, dungeons, dungeons, as I sink deeper into the ocean of Persona 5. When they can force the controller out of my hands, I will also be spending some quality time with the family for Easter.

Hannah Ellis

Besides cracking open a chocolate egg or two, I will be returning to Skyrim Special Edition to avenge my untimely death due to a misunderstanding over a chicken’s rightful owner (put more simply, who has the right to make it into lunch). There should also be enough time for a game or two on the Funhouse pinball table in Pinball Arcade; Rudy and I have unfinished business.

Unfortunately Dom and Jake couldn’t make it this week as they have eloped together for a saucy weekend in Skegness. Cheeky boys. We just hope they’re careful and that they have a safe word to keep things in order.

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