Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 53

Hello, beautiful you.

This week you were good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you. At least some people like you. Well, maybe just your mom, but that still counts. She is a person.

With your ego boosted, what kind of shenanigans will be filling your weekend? To get you started, here are our plans.

Feel free to leave yours in the comments and share any daily affirmations that can help us fight the tough Monday that we all know is coming.

Dom O’Leary

I’ll be spending at least some of this weekend with tales from the borderlands, so far one of the games I’ve enjoyed most out of the PS plus offerings of the PS4 era, other than that, more Nioh.

Hannah Ellis

Another classic weekend for me with the grey one (PS One). But instead of tip toeing my way around countless TNT and Nitro boxes in Crash Bandicoot, I will be blowing the ruddy doors off in The Italian Job. * In my best British accent * My name is Hannah Caine.

Jason Frye

This weekend is mostly dedicated to the sport of kings as we watch the Kentucky Derby. For gaming, I will be giving The Division another try during the free weekend, and, in a move that will surprise no one, Persona 5 will still be keeping me busy. The game is huge.

Merle Alix

I’ll be fighting my way through some lethal league and beyond that I’ll be playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.  The online mode is worth the price of admission on this game, but then it also offers 48 tracks and 5 levels of difficulty.  The switch may not have many games available, but the ones they do are tremendous.

The rest of the team missed the cutoff for this week, because life. 

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