Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 55

It’s been a busy week around here. Of course a few big games dropped and a big one was just announced, but I can tell you that PlayStation VR title Farpoint and the new Aim Controller has been the soup dujour at Pure PlayStation HQ and the Peterson ranch this week. If I were a gambling man, I’d bet that isn’t going to change much this weekend.

Jeremy Peterson

I f***ing hate spiders and I’m sick and tired of them jumping at my face, but I simply can’t get enough of walking around planeta est aranearum and shooting that awesome gun. [Ed. That’s not really the planet from Farpoint’s name, but it should be.]

Chris Harding

Those icky spider things in Farpoint need to watch their backs – I’m gunning for them! When I’m not whimpering at the sight of nasty alien spiders I’ll be racing around a virtual track in VR Karts, or perhaps I’ll be defending myself from those nasty critters in Dick Wilde for PSVR

Merle Alix

I’ll be finishing up reviews of Lethal League and NBA Playgrounds this weekend.  If I get some extra time I’ll dive into Prey and see if the System Shock comparisons are valid.

Jason Frye

I am heading into the final stretch of Persona 5 (I think), so I will keep pushing through to the real end boss. Other than that, I will try to finish or start some other games when I need a break from non-stop grinding.

Peep this:  Review: Clid The Snail - PS4, PS5

Stuart Mclean

My plan is to continue exploring the Metaverse in Persona 5, and if that wasn’t enough I’ll be donning my cape and cowl and kicking arse in Injustice 2, or more likely getting my arse kicked and blaming my controller for not being responsive enough…

Hannah Ellis

After setting many a foot in Bloodborne (and managing to stay alive for ten minutes on at least one occasion), I have decided to explore the Souls universe with Dark Souls II. Fortunately I have low expectations about my own ability so the deaths will be taken as a learning curve. Let’s see how many ways I can meet my maker.

Dom O’leary

This weekend I’ll be mostly playing the surge and seeing for myself just how sci-fi-souls it is. Here’s one to get you talking – having now played through Nioh, I would say it’s far more like a slower paced Ninja Gaiden than the ‘samurai souls’ it was made out to be, despite a couple of pilfered mechanics. Thoughts?

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