Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 59

I know what you’re thinking, sexy PlayStation gamers. It’s Friday—prime gaming time—but you’re suffering from that epic E3 hangover. How are you supposed to play any of those crusty old games in your collection after seeing all of those new shiny games just over the Horizon (zero dawn)?

Sadly, there is only one cure. Listen closely and do exactly as I say: First, pick out a game that you used to truly love. Got it? Good, now put that back and grab one that really sucks. You know the one. Now slide the disk in nice and slow until you hear that familiar hum. You hear it? Good, now proceed to hate-play that game until you see what the developer saw when he or she thought that piece of crap up. Or until you get bored; then play something good. Works every time.

Chris Harding

This weekend is a little bit of everything. I’m swamped with review duties, not that that’s a bad thing. Special Delivery will be my VR activity for tonight while Crossout will take up as much of my Saturday as my boy (Charlie) allows. Sunday is traditionally a family day, but I’m not averse to a bit of neglect so I’ll be finishing off Randal and dipping in and out of whatever takes my fancy on the fly. Actually, I could do with another playthrough of Farpoint and Shadow of Mordor.

Jason Frye

With work and travel, I will not be gaming much (or at all). 🙁 Please play an extra level or two for me this weekend.

Merle Alix

I will spend my time sitting around a campfire drinking and laughing with people named Tad before running for my life at Camp Crystal Lake. That’s right, I will be working on my review of Friday the 13th the Game now that I can finally get into a match (3 weeks after the game released).

Stuart Mclean

Having heard lots of good things, I finally bought Titanfall 2, as it was too good an opportunity to pass up on when EA released a free demo right after their e3 presser that got me hooked, followed up by it then getting reduced to a bargain price on PSN – initial impressions concur, it is a belter of a game.

Hannah Ellis

In between dreaming about all of the goodies E3 teased, I will be annoying more NPCs in Skyrim Special Edition. A lack of time over the last few weeks has meant I haven’t given it much of a look in, but I never forget and I still contest that was a communal chicken!

Jeremy Peterson

I’m currently knocking my way through Perception for review, which I’m playing with my eyes closed to really sink into the character. That’s the extra mile I’m willing to go. I’m also dedicated to my new Dick Wilde exercise regimen. I should be ripped any day now.

But enough about us, what are you playing? I really want to know. Let us know in the comments. Or just make fun of what we’re playing. That’s probably what I’d do.

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