Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 62

Well, the Tour de France is underway. We at Pure PlayStation could be inspired to get outdoors and take in some glorious fresh air, but that is so unoriginal. And we don’t do unoriginal!

Instead we will be spending our weekend in zero gear on the sofa and breathing in a marathon dose of aero-virtual, all whilst wearing Lycra. Don’t judge; it makes us look like The¬†Incredibles. Because we are incredible. You are incredible. We’re all incredible. If only we had the chiseled good looks to go with it…

Anyway, this is what we Incredibles will be up to this weekend. How about sharing your plans in the comment box below, Mr and Ms Incredible? Go on, make our weekend!

Please… Anyone…

Kyle Durant

Believe it or not I beat the first remastered Crash and am working on the 2nd one. Expect a piece on this soon too. Also, Horizon got an update that adds NG+ and a new difficulty mode. Couldn’t be more excited to dive back in considering I gave that game the highest score. Oh, and of course Rocket League.

Jason Frye

I will be working a little more on unraveling the mysteries of the galaxy in Elite Dangerous. It is really a different game for the PS4, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts in the upcoming review soon.

Chris Harding

I’ll be trudging through the trenches in Battlefield 1 with my buds, though I imagine it’ll just end up as us swearing loudly and proclaiming the other team to be vicious cheaters. When I’m not losing sorely at Battlefield 1, I’ll try and get a bit of PSVR time in while the kid is asleep. Got Tumble VR on sale – boom!

Hannah Ellis

Well, this week has been all about Crash and the weekend will be no exception. Time trials are underway under this roof and things are starting to get ugly. I thought mums had to be nice? Apparently not. Being a sucker for punishment I’ve also restarted the black series tracks in TrackMania Turbo. Hard hats on, it be raining controllers!

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