Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 67

We are glad the week is over. It is time to grab some friends, paint the town red, or just sit at someone’s house and play. There are no stuffy dinner parties and pinky extensions for us, at least not after the last time we had that heated discussion and minor scuffle about who is more of a hardcore gamer. Moms can be so stubborn, right?

Here is what will keep us busy this weekend. Let us know in the comments if you will be hanging out with friends or arguing nonsense with your own parents.

Chris Harding

I’m going back into the great beyond with No Man’s Sky. Since the game has received a massive update, why not, right?

Once I’m done exploring the vast nothingness of space I’ll be doing my best to get better at LawBreakers. I’m not very good at it, and Kyle’s Facebook rants about idiots in LawBreakers could well include me…

Stuart Mclean

I picked up Battlefield 1 on sale this week but haven’t really had much time to play it, so my plan is to use the weekend to hone my skills and be reminded of how rubbish I am at online multiplayer.

Jason Frye

In between working on an upcoming review this weekend, I will keep playing Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and loving it. I am as stealthy as an elephant falling down the stairs, but I cannot seem to stop playing.

The rest of the Pure PlayStation crew is fighting off alien invaders from taking over our moon base, so they should be back next week. 


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