Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 69

Hello! Welcome to the 69th edition of Pure PlayStation Plays! It still baffles me as to how we’re managing to keep pumping these out every week, and on time, too. Well, mostly on time…

If you’re a Pure PlayStation veteran then you already know the score, but if you’ve stumbled upon this article while browsing for the other 69 action on the internet (hey, we don’t judge) then here’s the run down: Each week we post out weekend gaming plans for the world to read/the C.I.A to keep a track of, and then we invite you to share your gaming plans down in the comments section below. Without any further waffle, here’s what the guys and gals at Pure PlayStation are doing this weekend.

Chris Harding

Well, I did have some concrete plans for this weekend before the North American PSN Flash Sale showed up and threw a spanner into the works. I was planning on going through the motions with LEGO Harry Potter again, but now that the Trine Trilogy is under $10 as part of the Flash Sale, I just have to give them a go. They’re a great bunch of fantastical 2.5 side-scrollers, and I highly recommend them! When I’m not solving puzzles and killing goblins, maybe I’ll give LEGO Harry Potter another go and sweep up the leftover trophies from my first playthrough.

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Jason Frye

I will be working on my backlog with more arrows into robot dinosaurs in Horizon Zero Dawn or scaring myself in The Evil Within to be ready for the sequel. If there are any gaps in between, they will be filled with some Elite Dangerous. The game just keeps pulling me back.

Kyle Durant

The usual so far this weekend will include Lawbreakers, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and writing about Chris Harding. Although the weirdest part about this entry isn’t what you’d expect. I’m not enjoying The Lost Legacy as much as I expected. Normally I love anything made by Naughty Dog.

Hannah Ellis

London’s calling this weekend as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has got me hooked. The graphics are incredible and London has an authentic darkish feel to it, which helps alleviate the guilt of my incognito killings. There’s also something therapeutic about ramming other carts off the road, but I’m not sure what that says about me…

Only four of us have made it this week – the rest of the squad is too busy cosplaying as Jesse Pinkman. If you happen across some meth pushers who’ll also offer you PSN cards, they’re our people. Please tell them we love them and we just want them to come home safely.

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