Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 70

It’s that time of the week again where the guys and gals at Pure PlayStation tell you what they’re up to this coming weekend. It’s a simple format, but it’s one we’ve been doing for over a year now so why not carry on, eh?

We’ll list our gaming plans down below, and then we invite you to share your weekend plans with us down in the comment section all the way down at the bottom.

Chris Harding

Well, my three weeks of living child-free are officially coming to an end today. The Lady of Harding House and Charlie ‘Eat Everything’ Harding are coming back from their holiday in the UK. This means my gaming time is going to be severely limited. But, and I know this is not what PS Vita fans want to hear, I can always slink off to a corner of the house with my Nintendo Switch and get a few laps of Mario Kart 8 in. Sorry guys. Maybe next weekend I’ll play a Sony console? On a side note, I actually found a treasure trove of unreleased songs from The Killers! That’s worth a mention, right?

Jason Frye

I will be continuing on with Backlog-a-Palooza and playing more of The Evil Within. I am more than halfway through, and I cannot decide if I like the game or not. Speaking of games that leave me with mixed feelings, I will also continue to cruise around in Elite Dangerous and trying to figure out Engineers, before the upcoming 2.4 patch drops the Thargoid threat into the galaxy.

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Stuart McLean

My plan is to mop up some of the trophies I missed on my playthrough of The Lost Legacy this weekend while I try to avoid starting anything new in the interim before Destiny 2 arrives midweek. Well, that is the current plan…

Kyle Durant

This weekend will be absolutely hell on my upper body and right arm. It’s already incredibly sore from playing so much Sparc. Yet the game is so fun that I have no problems playing through the pain. Especially with a tournament coming up. When I absolutely can’t go on for another hour, Everybody’s Golf will supplement some of my time.

Jeremy Peterson

I’m reliving my childhood and playing Final Fantasy Origins on the PS Vita. I’ll probably be picking up Sparc as well, on the recommendation of Kyle’s stellar review.

The ladies, Hannah and Laura, haven’t given us an update this week. We’re going to assume their on their very own Uncharted-esque adventure after taking inspiration from Nadine and Chloe in Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

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