Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 72

Welcome to the weekend, where we have two days in which anything is possible.

In that spirit, we do not need Spiderman or Wonder Woman to save us, because we can be our own heroes. Sure, Tony Stark is a billionaire with a fancy metal suit and laser gauntlets, but he gets drunk and apologizes for what he says and texts just like the rest of us.

Stand tall, proud gamer, and know that you can go out this weekend and be amazing without webs shooting from your wrists, which is actually gross when you stop to think about it. (If it is just cartridges made with super science, fine, but, if it is actually goo coming out of your own wrist, ewwww.)

Here are the acts of daring-do we have planned for this weekend. Be sure to drop your own in the comments.

Chris Harding

I’ve got the perfect plan to maximise my gaming time this weekend. Coffee, Red Bull, and high-octane thrills with… Farming Simulator. I’ve been suckered back in. I’m an addict. Just one more harvest, man. When I’m not driving my tractors I’ll be doing a couple of bits and pieces for reviews for the site. Oh, and trying my best to find an early copy of The Killers’ new album. Some store in this city must have a copy that they’ll sell to me for an extortionate amount…

Jeremy Peterson

I’ll be playing some Bloody Zombies in VR with whomever I can find. Plus I’m still dabbling in Final Fantasy Origins on my Vita, ’cause It’s important to remember where you came from.

Hannah Ellis

I will be playing Bloodborne. Badly. I haven’t given the game much of chance, with numerous aggy-quits after being killed over and over and over again. But this weekend I will be brave and patient. I think.

Jason Frye

I will be working on a review this weekend, and I look forward to giving you all the juicy details next week. If I can squeeze any other time out this weekend, I will be continuing to shrink my backlog with more time in Horizon Zero Dawn. I have no idea how I can spend that much time in a game and still have barely uncovered the map.

Kyle Durant

I have been able to force myself away from Destiny 2 for just this post. I have known nothing else all week. I do need help, and that’s my pp. Once I gain control of myself again, I do have an article on the addictive overlord, I mean shooter.

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