Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 75

Holy, cow! We have reached our diamond anniversary on these things. Take some time to relax, play some games, and listen to some good music. Beyond doing something legendary of your own, we would recommend going back to the classics from a man who produced some of the best riffs we have ever heard. Some good tunes can really help you with the grinding required in some games.

When we are not running down a dream this weekend, here is what we will be playing.

Chris Harding

Once again I’m spending my days being a dad and my evening being a child. My gaming time will be limited this week so I’m going to be making the most of it by getting stuck into… More Farming Simulator… I know. I have a problem. When I’m not tending to my chickens and crops, I’ll be working stuff for reviews. Work and play!

Hannah Ellis 

This weekend is all about Wipeout Omega Collection and Pinball Arcade. They’re great for filling in those spare 10 minutes you’re able to grab in between the chaos that is life. Besides, me and Rudy in Funhouse have unfinished business.

Jason Frye

I will be finishing up two reviews this weekend. If I have any other time, I am going to try to jump back into Senran Kagura for a few more rounds in my favorite swimsuit and trying to finish South Park: The Stick of Truth. I forgot how noisy and hot an original PS3 runs.

Kyle Durant

I’m in Florida half the weekend and working the other half. So if I’m lucky I’ll get in some Destiny 2 time.

The rest of the Pure PlayStation crew has been zapped into an alternate dimension where games are reality, and we forgot to recharge the battery for the gateway home. Oops! They should make a return with most of their limbs and minds intact next week. 

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