Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 76

Hopefully there is someone out there who has survived Friday 13th and is taking the time to read this…Wow Week 76 already. How time flies.

Here at Pure PlayStation we like to say 76 is the new 40!

Okay, maybe it’s not, but it’s quite a special number in its own right. For example, did you know that it is an Automorphic Number, which means that its square (76*76) ends in it (5776), and that the same is true for whatever power you use. The only other two digit number with the same property is 25. Now who said you can’t learn anything from Video Games or their related media?

Anyway, enough with the maths test. We will now let you know what we have planned for this weekend. If you should care to return the favour, please do so in the comment box below.

Chris Harding

After spending the best part of the week away from home, I’m really looking forward to giving my beloved consoles and television a nice big hug. I plan on doing more work than play, though, so if time allows I’ll only be playing some couch multiplayer with the Lady of Harding house.

Jason Frye

I will be spending my weekend dodging work, family, and general responsibilities of all kinds to finish some reviews. I need a nuclear proof gaming bunker of isolation, but my couch will have to do for now.

Stuart McLean 

My plan is to conquer the Raid in Destiny 2, followed by some swift and brutal Orc slaying in Shadow of War. If the violence gets too much for my delicate disposition I will go back to the grind to learn my last few abilities in Final Fantasy IX.

Jeremy Peterson

I’m renting a wood-chipper for the row of evergreens I cut down this week, and if I don’t end up like Steve Buscemi in Fargo, then I’ll be splitting my game-time between Raw Data and Shadow of War. Both of which, are more fun than yard work.

Kyle Durant

While Destiny 2 will occupy some of my time, it’s all about The Evil Within 2 this weekend. Rest assured my pants will be pooped.

Hannah Ellis

The HDMI cable has been unplugged and the AV wires are in as this weekend the PS4 is relegated to the cabinet and the PS1 is taking pride of place. I will be defending our glorious planet in Space Invaders, doing my best to zap their invading ships like clay pigeons. When the world has been saved and I’ve been plastered with gifts for the trouble, I will be dipping into Rugrats: The Search for Reptar. Don’t judge, I’m a sucker for nostalgia. Ice Cream Mountain here I come!

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