Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 79 (Only 45 Days to Christmas!)

Jingle bells, jingle bells! Yes, we’re a little early to be pulling out the cheesy Christmas jumpers (this editor has had his out since September…) but we’re feeling festive so why the heck not. The days are much shorter and the evenings are much colder. It means we’ll be spending more of our free time indoors, huddled around the PS4. Partly for entertainment, partly for warmth. Somebody forgot to pay the heating bill…

As you should all know by now, Pure PlayStation Plays is our weekly feature where the people behind the website post their weekend gaming plans. It’s harmless fun and we’re not really restricted to just PlayStation games – we’re all gamers and we love games in all shapes, sizes, and platforms! Once you’ve read through what the Pure PlayStation team will be up to, we invite you to post your gaming plans down in the comments section below. Or even just mock our entries. Whatever. You’re choice.

Chris Harding

What will I be playing this weekend? Lots! Star Wars Battlefront 2 is primed and ready, as is Need for Speed: Payback. Sadly, they’re on the Xbox One with EA Access. Oi, Sony, get EA Access on PS4, please!

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Then I’ve got Hand of Fate 2 to beat for the purpose of a review, as well as a few other bits and bobs for the site. It’s really going to be a mixed bag of enjoyable games that I want to play, and some games that I’m not really going to enjoy but I’ll play them for the site. Hey, nobody said every game you review is going to be golden…

Hannah Ellis

I will be trying to catch up with other Skyrim players who have sunk 200+ hours into the game, compared to little old me who is on her first playthrough with barely a tenth of that commitment. It may not be visually on par with current day releases, but the sense of freedom and randomness are unrivaled. On a whole, there’s a lot happening in Skyrim that is missing from other games.

Jason Frye

After a busy week, I will be traveling and seeing family. Unfortunately, this will leave almost no time for games. I will be resting up, so I can provide mildly ~annoying~ entertaining content next week.

And that’s everyone for this week. The rest of the team is our begging for money so we can pay the heating bill. Champions.

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