Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 80

Welcome to the weekend! It is time to visit other worlds. (We could also use the time to become better at Photoshop.)

We love visiting other worlds in games, because it keeps us from having to go out into the actual world. That place is genuinely scary. It is haunted by the ghosts of retirement plans, jobs, ex-lovers, and being a responsible citizen. No, thank you.

These are our travel plans for the worlds we will be visiting this weekend. Be sure to drop your itinerary in the comments along with the game you think everyone should be playing this weekend.

Kyle Durant

I need to finish The Evil Within 2, but also need to start the new Wolfenstein game and knock a few VR games off my backlog. Plus, if EA can confirm the returning loot boxes will be cosmetic only and say those exact words, I might pick up Battlefront 2.

Stuart Mclean

Having read Jason’s glowing review I am finally managing to jump into The Fractured But Whole (take your mind out of the gutter!), and so far I am thoroughly enjoying my time spent in South Park. Between that (and with the risk of getting lynched on the Internet) I have crossed to the dark side and only gone and bought Battlefront 2, so if my weekend allows I might even manage a few hours boshing about in an X-Wing, providing I don’t have to spend any extra money to do so…

Chris Harding

After picking up GT Sport at a bargain price (Check it out!) and having Skyrim VR to review, I’ll be a busy dude this weekend. I’m hoping all the things I’ve heard about GT Sport’s PSVR are true, and that Skyrim VR doesn’t end up swallowing my real life.

Jason Frye

I will be playing episode 5 of Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy and breaching and clearing my way to success in Rainbow Six Siege during the free weekend. If I have any extra time, I will be organizing my spreadsheet of Black Friday deals to plan my strategy. I want to play Middle-earth: Shadow of War, not live it inside a Walmart.

Hannah Ellis 

Well, I have gone over to the dark side and lost my life to Zelda. If found please return! Apart from that I might spend a little time with Project Cars as I’ve been watching replays of Goodwood Festival of Speed and it has got me pining for the racetrack.

Jeremy Peterson

Having never played any of the previous 22 versions of Skyrim, I’m jumping in head first with Skyrim VR. So far, it’s intense, and I still hate virtual spiders just as much as real spiders.

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