Pure Playstation Plays: Week 84

(To the tune of Shakin Stevens, Snow is Falling) – Snow is falling, all around us, gamers are playing, git-ting gud. It’s official, loot boxes are a bad thing, Merry Christmas everyone!

Well, we hope you’re not running around like a headless turkey too much. After all, Santa is still sleeping off last year’s mince pies for another week. Just in case you’re panicking, we’d like you to know that all is well; we have a direct line to the big man himself and he’s got some corkers in his sleigh.

But someone has obviously bribed his way to the top of the good list as one of Mr Cringle’s helpers turned up early at Boss Harding’s house with Just Dance 2018 in hand. All we can say is he has been quieter ever since…

Anyway, this is how we are spending the last “normal” weekend of the year. Do let us know what your plans are. If you don’t you might find yourself on somebody’s naughty list.

Chris Harding

This weekend I’m… not at work! Whoop!!! I’ll be getting back into GTA V – though only the single player mode as I’ve no time to grind and I don’t make enough money to throw it away on fake Shark Card money. In between living the gangsta life that I dream of and the in-game tennis (it’s pretty good!) I’ll be spending a bit of time on the site. It’s game of the year season, don’t you know!

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Jason Frye

This weekend will be mostly dedicated to spending time with family for a mini Christmas. Any extra time will be devoted to trying to see more than a tiny sliver of Assassin’s Creed Origins’ enormous world. I am not very far, but I am enjoying Senu and having a mount at the beginning of the game. Oh, and I sometimes attack NPCs for no reason. Life was cruel in ancient Egypt.

Kyle Durant

This weekend might finally be the weekend I start Nier Automata. That is when I’m not busy in The Trials of the Nine in Destiny 2.

Hannah Ellis

Unfortunately I’ve still got a lot of serious stuff to write this weekend. Boo real life! But I do intend on having an above average number of tea breaks so I will be relying on Wipeout Omega Collection to entertain me during the few minutes I manage to grab.

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