Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 88

We’ve got our Fanta oranges, we’ve got our fast-food delivery services on speed-dial, and we’ve got games to play. Thankfully it’s the weekend and not a Tuesday, otherwise we’d all be in trouble. But yes, it’s the weekend and that means we all get to flip the finger at work or school and spent some quality time with our consoles.

As is the norm – and has been for 88 weeks now! – the Pure PlayStation lot have posted their gaming plans for the weekend. Some of them are lousy, some of them are great. We invite you to share your plans down in the comments section below, and maybe give Kyle some grief for being such a ginormous bellend when it comes to anything Horizon Zero Dawn. Ta.

Chris Harding

A weekend completely away from work where I’m not soley responsible for my child?! Did retail just implode or something? Unfortunately not but I do find myself with more gaming time than I know what to do with – even after a week of it over Christmas…

This weekend will be spent chilling out with some fun games. With me and the Mrs both being home over the weekend, I think I’m going to try to teach her how to play some proper games. By that I mean proper splitscreen multiplayer games, so the likes of Call of Duty Zombies, Overcooked, and maybe some Left 4 Dead 2 on the Xbox One. That backward compatibility…

Stuart Mclean

I have the house to myself this next week so my plan is to live in my man cave like some sort of human bear, only leaving when my belly rumbles (either to eat food or to dispose of previously eaten food) and diving right into Assassin’s Creed Origins full throttle, alternating with the surprisingly addictive (and free! Free is always good!) battle Royale goodness that is Fortnite.

Jason Frye

After a mostly non-gaming week, I return to my thug roots in Yakuza Kiwami this weekend. It inspired me to check on getting a full back tattoo, but playing the game is cheaper, can be deleted easily, and won’t give me a mountain of regret. I will also be giving the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT open beta a whirl. There’s a few characters I look forward to taking down a peg or two.

Kyle Durant

Hoping to finish Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, but that may be hard as I’ve once again been addicted to Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links and the open beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ is live for me soon. Lord Yamcha isn’t in the beta so who knows how much fun I’ll really have.

Hannah Ellis

Work is the order of the weekend, unfortunately. There’s at least 5,000 words that need writing and a few emails to send. But they do say ‘work hard, play hard’ so I expect Binding of Isaac to grace my screen on more than one occasion. Watch dogs 2 has also found its way back off the shelf. San Francisco is a beautiful setting for an early morning or late night drive, and I’ve got a soft spot for its spoofy-sarcastic-immature humour. I’ve also set myself the challenge of a non-lethal playthrough, which will be a miracle to say the least. Watch dogs 1 was more like a Saw movie than Person of Interest with me ‘at the wheel’…

Jeremy is still missing in action. If you’ve seen him roaming the streets, asking for quarters for the arcade, please let us know.

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