Pure Playstation Plays: Week 89

How’s your week been, readers? A good ‘un or a good it’s gone one? Here at Pure PlayStation HQ it has been A-OK, apart from the weather. We have thought about reporting Mother Nature to the cops for an ASBO but perhaps we’ll give her another week to sort herself out. After that, though, she’s on her own!

We’ve also welcomed a new face to the site. So don’t be shy. Drop down to the comments and say hi to Laddie Simco, who has nothing but good things to say about Horizon Zero Dawn. This is good news for Kyle but bad news for Chris. It’s just a shame there isn’t a multiplayer fight-to-the-death mode to settle this once and for all. I guess there’s always cheese rolling…

Laddie Simco

I won’t have an awful lot of time to play games this weekend but I’m hoping to finally finish Assassin’s Creed Origins. I’ve also been looking forward to getting some time with Rusty Lake Paradise as well as trying out Doom VFR. My New Year’s resolution was to clean up some of my backlog before I bought anything new but I couldn’t resist buying Doom VFR from a recent sale at Amazon. I’ll probably throw in a bit of COD WWII multiplayer as I go for my third prestige.

Stuart McLean

I’ve finally cracked open Assassins Creed: Origins and am loving it, although I am spending the majority of my time hunting wild animals to craft better gear and not doing much in the way of, you know, being an Assassin and stuff. Other than that I’ll be jumping in and out of (a bus) Fortnite and exploring the recent update while I get shot and jump about a bit to be as hard a target as possible.

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Kyle Durant

Things are a bit slow this weekend. I caught up on all the backlog games I bought on sale and the betas to begin the year are ending. Nothing really going on until The Inpatient, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and the next Batman episode releases. So this weekend might be filled with mindless Rocket League and Fortnite play with a lot of Netflix thrown in.

Chris Harding

This weekend is a weekend away from the day job. That means I’ll be spending countless hours catching up on the night job. But when I’m not stuck to my desk for the site, I’ll probably be having a go of Fortnite. It’s definitely come a long way since I originally played the game last year, so it’ll be interesting to see how it compares to PUBG – something I’ve been playing a fair bit of on the Xbox. Oh, and I’ll be starting my annual playthrough of Spyro 3 on the PSTV. It does have a use! Yay!

Jason Frye

I will be working for the glory of mankind by playing Nier: Automata a second time. The first run was enough to pique my interest in the story, so I am hoping for some big reveals. Also, I’m sure it’s not, but some of Nier: Automata’s very interesting music sounds like it was composed and sung by Annie Lennox (post-Eurythmics).

Hannah Ellis

In between drumming up work, I’ll be racing my way through a Formula 1 season in F1 2016. With the first real race still weeks away, I’m starting to get little restless. But jumping in the FW38 and taking the race to the Silver Arrows will distract my impatience for a couple of days, at least.

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